A few things about me. 

(and by “a few” I obviously mean “way too much” because hOW DID THIS PAGE GET SO BIG WOW)

Want to know what you’re getting yourself into? Right, cool beans. The background tells you most of it, but in case you don’t know all of the references (or can’t see it properly on your browser window, sorry…) here’s what’s on it!

Bottom left= Les Miserables, Harry Potter (of course), and LOTR/The Hobbit.

Top left= Doctor Who and Star Trek.

By my icon= Avengers and Inception.

Top right= Sherlock and The Hunger Games.

Bottom right= Disney and Supernatural.

Those are the ones I reblog the most often, I think. Not included on the background are the following:

The Vampire Diaries

Teen Wolf

Once Upon a Time


The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices


ATLA/Legend of Korra

and the animes Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Inuyasha, and Ouran High School Host Club. I don’t reblog the above things as often, but they pop up every now and then.

Also, warning: I reblog Supernatural, Dcotor Who, and Teen Wolf, but I’m not technically in the fandoms since I haven’t actually watched them. Oops. Though I will be seeing Doctor Who in the summer.

I have this problem called “I get really excited about shows I don’t even watch and I read fanfiction of them too because my life is clearly sad.”

So yeah… this is home to my obsessions, lots of randomosity, & just generally posts that I find utterly hilarious, inspiring, or any other adjective you can think of. This means that I have a whole lot of fun reblogging random stuff, and occasionally posting my own creations and thoughts from my mind.

Which is what Tumblr is about, I guess. So why am I even writing this?


I hope you enjoy following my blog, or even just visiting, or even just reading this and never coming back :D  so basically, I HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR LIFE. OKAY? OKAY. YES.

Yeah, I’m weird.

But hey, I enjoy my weirdness, and I hope you do too.

Oh, and heads up, my background doesn’t tell you this, but I really, really love Tom Hiddleston and Robert Downey Jr. Relevant info is relevant and needed to be said.


OH LOOK HERE’S AN INFORMATIVE TAG. If you care, I don’t know. Probably not, but options are always good.

GPOY tag, a.k.a. things that I relate to on ridiculous levels.


So… this should give you an idea of who I am.

(FYI, now in 2013, this paragraph is like 4 years old at this point. And yet… Still relevant. I haven’t changed all that much, apparently)

I jump around my room to music, make faces at my reflection, laugh at myself, wear rainbow socks to college, occasionally act like a dork, believe in God, underestimate myself, over think way too much, love my amazing friends and family, have a fiction addiction, like watching anime, love to write, have a grammar obsession, make up weird words, act random and psycho, laugh loudly, enjoy life, believe in being myself, get ridiculously fascinated by everything around me, and… Well, a lot more things that would take too long to list. But that’s the most important stuff.

So, well, if I sound uninteresting or boring to you, then by all means, you may leave. Far be it to bore my fellow human beings. (;

Thanks for reading! :D

P.S. I write in my tags. Frequently. On almost every post. So you’ll learn a lot about me just by reading those.  And I’m also prone to writing impromptu tag stories.


P.P.S.S. If you read through my entire writing tag, you can truly learn a lot about me. A lot. If you’re interested, I mean.


Ships I sail with fervor, in no particular order:

Star Trek: Kirk/Spock. K i r k / S p o c k. I have a lot of feelings. I’m also pretty attached to the idea of Scotty/Uhura. And I’m also very attached to the Enterprise crew/happiness. I love them all so much. So much. I just… Star Trek, man. Star Trek.


Les Mis: Enjolras/Grantaire, Jehan/Courfeyrac, Marius/Cosette, Eponine/Combeferre, and Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta. And no, I have not read the brick yet. S o o n.

HP: Basically everything canon. Romione and Hinny (book Ginny is amazing; don’t tell me otherwise). Plus Bellatrix/Voldy (weird, I know, but there was something THERE), and Neville/Luna (:

The Hunger Games: Katniss/Peeta. And Haymitch/Effie because why the fudge not.

Avengers (movies only; I’m comic ignorant still): Let me just mention that they are all my babies. All of them. I am fiercely and irrationally protective over every single one, and can write you paragraphs of character analysis and feelings. (ex: Tony) It’s a problem, basically. That being said… Steve/Tony, and Clint/Coulson. It just happened. Also Thor/Jane. Clint and Natasha are the best of bros, seriously; you cannot contend with that level of closeness, trust, and understanding. I’m not entirely against Clintasha, but this is how I see them. Science bros is also a very important thing. Just… bottom line is that they’re all one giant dysfunctional family and I love them dearly.

As a side note, if you have yet to read scifigrl47’s fanfictions, please do. You really, really need to. They are literally my Avengers Bible. I even made one of her fics into a book once.

Sherlock: Some days I’m like YOOOO JOHNLOCK and some days I’m like LOOK AT THESE TWO PLATONICALLY-IN-LOVE IDIOTIC BEST FRIENDS. I’ve given up trying to understand. *shrugs* Also, Molly/Lestrade. Because of this amazing fic. Freaking amazing I say. Go forth and read it.

Inception: Arthur/Eames oh man just do I even need to emphasize how much I love them just look at the italics

Avatar: Zutara. And sometimes Sokka x Toph, sometimes Sokka x Suki. I have issues deciding :P  Kataang is alright though. It’s just not Zutara. Mmm.

Legend of Korra: Meh. Korra/Mako I suppose?

Once Upon a Time: Snow/Charming, Rumple/Belle, and Emma/Hook are the main ones for me. I think? Dude there are so many characters in that show I swear. But I think that’s it.

TVD: Delena. Just… Delena. How can one not?


Doctor Who: 10/Rose. Don’t kill me, I know, I know, I don’t watch it. But I really want to and will soon. Tumblr does this shipping thing to me.

Supernatural: Also don’t watch the show. But Destiel. Is it even possible not to?

Teen Wolf: Sterek. See above. Also, Allison/Scott I think.


FMAB: Royai (Roy x Riza) is beautiful. I ship Winry x Ed as well. And LING X GREED LOL~  jk jk jk. But their friendship (can you call it that?) is touching, in an odd way.

Inuyasha: Kagome x Inuyasha. Sango x Miroku. :’) Nostalgia omfg.

Ouran: Tamaki x Haruhi. 500% done with those two idiots. Love ‘em to death.

(there are other shows, which you’ll see in the upcoming list, but those are my main 3 favorites)

Divergent: HONESTLY DOES THIS NEED TO BE SAID I DON’T THINK SO BUT Four/Tris. And Uriah/Me. imeanwhut.

The Mortal Instruments: Clary/Jace. Isabelle/Simon. Maia/Jordan. Alec/Magnus because if you don’t ship them you have no soul basically. I think that’s it. Oh, and Jocelyn/Luke.

The Infernal Devices: ….Tessa/Will but BARELY BECAUSE IT HURTS IT ALL HURTS MY POOR JEM dajsdngskdng you people know the feelings I’m talking about.


My favorite animes:

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the best anime to ever grace this planet.

Inuyasha is and always will be my first anime love.

Ouran High School Host Club is HILARIOUS, and I’ve seen it more times than I can count.

Fruits Basket will touch your heart in amazing ways (although the manga is 37597357 times better).

Kyo Kara Maoh and Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple are also amazing.

And I can’t go without mentioning RomeoxJuliet, Vampire Knight, and Black Butler.


Oh, and also~

Forever a watcher of English dubs with no regrets.


SOME of my favorite books, in no particular order:

Harry Potter (OF COURSE and dude if you don’t know who wrote those you obviously live in a cave)

Divergent series by Veronica Roth

Blood Red Road by Moira Young

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

The Mortal Instruments series and The Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare

The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz

Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

Strange Angels series by Lili St. Crow

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine

House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast [haven’t read the most recent one yet oops]

Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzpatrick [I’m behind in reading this too]

Darkest Powers series by Kelly Armstrong

Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer [STILL HAVEN’T READ THE LAST ONE, DON’T SUE ME, I NEED TO]

Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

Dragons In Our Midst series and Oracles of Fire series by Bryan Davis

and more (:

Want to talk books? My ask is always open. Warning: Fangirling can, does, and will ensue. And also, for the record, I’m actually behind on some of these series. Oh, the drawls of being a college student. Ah well.